Orange using O3b ‘Fibre-in-the-Sky’ network via African satellite provider Raga Sat


Raga Sat, provider of African satellite services, has announced it is now live on O3b’s ‘Fibre-in-the-Sky’ satellite network. Based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Raga Sat is in turn providing O3b connectivity to wholesale customer Orange DRC, which served 7% of the country’s mobile subscribers at end-June 2014. O3b’s satellites orbit closer to earth than other geostationary satellites, allowing for increased internet data rates and improved voice and video quality.

Thibaut de la Barre de Nanteuil, project manager at Orange DRC said: ‘Now that [we are] using Raga Sat services over the O3b satellite constellation, we can provide higher speed and better performance through the Orange 3G and data networks. Orange customers can play HD video without stopping, participate in multiplayer gaming and social media and businesses can take advantage of sophisticated cloud based services.

Our customers are thrilled.’ Although O3b connection deals have previously been announced in other African countries including South Sudan and Somaliland (Somalia), a joint press release from O3b and Raga Sat claims that the DRC-based service provider is the first African client to launch commercial services on the O3b network since it commenced commercial operations in the continent earlier in the year.

Source: Telegeography 10 November 2014