Pamoja and SEACOM – strength in the Cloud


Pamoja, a Cloud services company, continues to dominate this area of the market and is progressing in its quest to cultivate a Cloud services marketplace for the continent. The Company is achieving this by leveraging one of its primary differentiating qualities, namely the on-going investment of network capacity by SEACOM.

Pamoja Africa is the Cloud services business unit of pan-African ICT enabler SEACOM. The network capacity injection empowers Pamoja to enhance the value of its service delivery, including the delivery of Cloud services on-net to operators who are peering with SEACOM and move data quickly and securely between data centres.

For example, SEACOM peers with Symantec in Amsterdam and, as a result, there is much reduced cost and latency for core services destined for Pamoja Cloud services such as Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

By combining their services, Pamoja and SEACOM makes it possible to establish a dedicated network connection between local enterprise datacenters and Cloud services hosted elsewhere in the world.

In many cases this delivers;

·       Higher security

·       Reduced network costs

·       Lower latencies

·       Increased bandwidth throughput

·       Increased reliability and speed over internet-based connections.

Pamoja has built Cloud platforms  in Kenya and South Africa, directly on the SEACOM network infrastructure.

In addition to the World Wide Web access, the SEACOM IP network is also connected directly to multiple Africa networks, which provide direct access to African content. SEACOM peers at NapAfrica in South Africa to gain access to  Southern African routes and peerings with other local providers to ensure good quality connectivity.

“Our  capacity on  SEACOM places us in a strong position to reinforce our value proposition,” says Albie Bester, CEO of Pamoja. “Our role is to serve as the Cloud exchange  for our channel partners and provide them with the best local and international Cloud services to sell to their customers. . We act as a Cloud business unit for our resellers and also reduce their risk of entering the Cloud computing market.”

Being a part of SEACOM certainly differentiates the business, but, as Bester explains, it also adds impetus to Pamoja’s ongoing core objective which is the establishment and maintenance of a Cloud services ecosystem across the continent.

Source: Company Press Release