Vodacom Creates Kilimo Club Package for Farmers

Money Transfer

Thousands of small scale farmers in the country will be connected to a communication technology through a new project dubbed ‘kilimo club’ in which they will be able to send and receive money at cheaper rates by M-Pesa as well as depositing cash in M-Pawa to simplify business transactions.

More than 30,000 small scale farmers are expected to participate in the ‘kilimo club’ project, the club will also offer professional counseling through Short Message Services ‘SMS’, forthcoming agricultural information, market information, as well as the weather forecast through their mobile phones, Vodacom Communications Manager Kelvin Twissa said.

“The club will empower small scale farmers with technical know-how, information at the right time, and concluding financial transactions easily from anywhere,” Mr. Twissa.

Majority of people in the country are living in rural areas and the main economic activity is agriculture thus the growth of agricultural sector will reduce the rate of poverty in the country at a higher percentage as compared to other sectors of the economy.

Source: Pesa Times 12 November 2014