Kenya: Samsung unveils 8 new locally developed apps

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Samsung has partnered with @iLab Africa in order to offer 8 locally developed mobile applications. The reveal was made at Samsung’s second edition of the “Show N’ Tell” event. According to Samsung, the event is intended to bring together local app developers.

Samsung also believes that the event provides a platform for developers to showcase their innovations as part of a research and development programme run by Strathmore University’s @iLab Africa in Nairobi.

According to Samsung, the apps unveiled include:

App Wakili – designed to ease access to legal information in Kenya, this app allows users to search lawyers registered with the Law Society of Kenya, their contacts, and areas of expertise including corporate law, dispute resolution, regional and  international law, among others

National Assembly and County Assembly App – allows the Kenya National Assembly and County Assembly to access the standing orders and order paper on tablets and mobile phones, ensuring continuity of in-house business and cutting costs related to printing order papers. The app also allows legislators to vote on a subject/debate

Laikipia Wildlife Forum App – this was developed to compliment environment conservation efforts within Laikipia. The app provides information on sites and attractions within the area, eases navigation to the different sites and maps out donor funded projects that both local and international tourists may be interested in supporting

KCA University App – targeted at students of the university, the app delivers content to students, ranging from information on extra-curricular activities such as clubs and sports to access to the school’s library system. The app also allows for course registration and  enrolment of new students

Kenya Wildlife Service Guide App – enables tourists locate national parks, conservancies, reserves and amenities within the parks

Halal Kenya App – in recognition of the importance of Halal certification to the Muslim community, this app provides a listing of Halal-certified establishments and their locations, and allows users to review them. The app also enables users to report non-Halal practices being carried out at establishments purporting to be Halal to the Kenya Halal Bureau

Uganda Legal App – targeted at law students, lawyers, judges and magistrates, this app eases access to legal information in Uganda. Information available includes: judiciary calendar, Ugandan constitution (1995), cases and rulings, and gazette notices

Pharmacy & Poisons Board (PPB) App – this app enables PPB inspectors register and validate pharmacies and their employees in real time and make the information available to the public. It also provides information on registered pharmacies, a key component of ensuring that the safety of Kenyans visiting pharmacies and using the drugs and other chemical substances sold at these pharmacies is not compromised

Source: ITNews Africa 13 November 2014