NiRA targets 17 mln SMEs with switch to .ng campaign


Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) plans to rollout the switch to .ng campaign next year 2015 in an effort aimed at getting over 17.7 million SMEs in the country to register with the country's top level domain name, CommunicationsWeek. NiRA head Mary Uduma said that apart from the new initiative, the association will also recruit additional resellers and registrars for .ng as a way of increasing the take up of the country's top level domain name.

Uduma noted that NiRA is also partnering with federal government in The Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (You WiN!) programme which makes it mandatory for every beneficiary of the programme to register in .ng. Mohammed Rudman, managing director, Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria, said that launch of unified email system by federal ministries and departments is a step in the right direction as it will provide the right platform for others to adopt .ng. He explained that the unified email system allows every civil servant in the federal ministries to have a customised email which he or she can take to any other ministry if he decides to move.

Omobola Johnson, Minister of Communication Technology, said the platform would allow ministries to do messaging and collaboration which is a small but very important tool for e-government in the country.

Source: Telecompaper 24 November 2014