West Africa's own Ebola anthem

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Band Aid 30 is the most famous song raising awareness about Ebola, with millions of online views and downloads. But in West Africa, where the epidemic is concentrated, a different song is gaining attention.

Some of West Africa's most famous musicians have joined forces to make an Ebola appeal song, with profits going to Medicins Sans Frontieres. 'Africa Stop Ebola' is a homegrown project from the heart of the Ebola crisis.

Made before the recent release of the Band Aid 30 charity song, it has seen a surge in online views thanks to Bob Geldof's hit. But while the former aims to raise money to combat Ebola, the lyrics of 'Africa Stop Ebola' are meant to educate Africans about the disease, as well as giving them hope.

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Source: #BBCtrending reports.