Tanzania: Vodacom Launches Electronic Subscriber Registration


Vodacom mobile subscribers can now register their SIM cards instantly upon purchase and immediately gain access to services without having to wait.

This comes with the launch of Electronic Subscriber Registration (ESR). ESR is geared to improve customer experience by replacing manual registration with time-saving and efficiency that comes with electronic registration, the telecom firm said in a statement.

"All a subscriber needs to do is visit any Vodacom agent with their original, valid ID with their current photograph for the registration to be completed.

They no longer have to incur the cost or the hustle of photocopying their ID," said Mr Rene Meza, the Managing Director of Vodacom Tanzania Limited.

Electronic registration of SIM is for both new subscribers as well as the re-registration existing subscribers as required by TCRA. Following this call by the telecommunications industry regulator, Vodacom has taken initiative to come up with ESR.

Source: Tanzania Daily News 2 December 2014