Huawei brings HD desktop phone to SA


Huawei has unveiled its full-HD intelligent desktop phone, the Huawei eSpace 8950, to the South African market.

According to Huawei, the growing popularity of intelligent desktop phones has changed the way businesses communicate with each other, and have inadvertently created a demand for richer user experience coupled with aesthetic appeal.

Eman Liu, president of Huawei Enterprise Business Group for the eastern and southern African region, explains the phone is targeted at businesses either planning to replace their existing IP phone infrastructure or looking for office telephones offering more functionalities than traditional analogue or IP phones.

"A traditional phone is classified as an analogue phone, which is what most South Africans have been using in their homes for many years.

"In the last decade or so, most businesses have switched to using IP phones, which typically use VOIP trunks to handle many calls simultaneously. The user can see and select phone lines or extensions on their telephone," he continues.

The Huawei eSpace 8950 has a full-HD 1 080p camera as well as full-band voice codec, which enables an HDMI-based video conference platform. The user can now hold a video conference via the telephone with other users, he explains.

"It has a touch-screen interface that runs off the Android OS, so in addition to built-in apps like the calculator, calendar, clock, e-mail, electronic album and browser, users can install their own third-party apps such as news, weather or a media player"

With smart context-aware technology, the Huawei eSpace 8950 provides continuous communication, even if the user moves away from the telephone.

"The voice function automatically relocates to a Bluetooth headset when a user wears it. If the user leaves the office, voice automatically switches to the user's mobile phone, keeping the user in contact with the person on the other line at all times," he adds.

Liu says, with the expanding trend of BYOD and South African's insatiable appetite for connectivity, consumers are looking for new user experiences not only in their social lives but also at the workplace.

The work telephone is no longer a device that forms part of a user's workstation equipment, but can be a dynamic part of the user's life experience at work, he says.

Source: ITWeb 11 December 2014