MTN Data Share launching early 2015


MTN has quietly activated a service called Data Share, which lets its subscribers share data bundles between multiple SIMs.

It has not officially launched yet, however, and a spokesperson for MTN said that Data Share will only officially launch in early 2015.

Most normal pre-paid and contract customers will be able to use MTN Data Share, MTN said.

In particular, it will be available to MTN PayAsYouGo, MTN Top Up, My MTNChoice, and MTN Classic Contract subscribers. It won’t be available to many of MTN’s business-oriented packages, closed user groups, custom APNs, MTN Sky contracts, or the Anyday Offpeak price plan.

Subscribers will be able to link up to 20 other MTN numbers to their Data Share profile, and MTN said the service will be available for free.

Those on an uncapped MTN Sky Internet bundle will also be able to use Data Share, but will be limited to one linked MTN number.

Before a subscriber may add MTN cellphone numbers to their Data Share list, the service must be activated.

This may be done by either using the *141*5# USSD menu (then choosing option 1 — “Manage Internet Bundles”, then 3 — “Data Share”), or by using MTN’s online self-service portal.

Both activation, and adding numbers to Data Share appears to be free, and MTN confirmed that the service is offered at no cost to subscribers.

After adding a number to Data Share, both parties receive an SMS informing them of the change.

Source: My Broadband 5 January 2015