Internet – In brief


Togo Telecom has started deploying Wi-Fi hotspots in the capital city, Lome, in a project called 'Helim Zone', Agence Ecofin reports. The operator plans to install hotspots in all of the neighbourhoods of the city. A pilot launched in early January in the Deckon suburb gave users free internet access. With the end of the test service on 21 January, customers will have to pay XAF 200 for 1 hour and XAF 600 for 4 hours of use. After all of Lome is covered, the Helim Zone project will brought to other cities, and eventually to villages.

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cameroon has revealed that the country’s first internet exchange points (IXPs) will be ready in the cities of Yaounde and Douala by June, writes BiztechAfrica. ICCSOFT has been selected to install the infrastructure under the supervision of the National Agency for Information and Communications Technologies (ANTIC). Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Jean Pierre Biyiti bi Essam, said that the two IXPs will help to reduce the cost of internet services in Cameroon and reduce the nation’s reliance on foreign networks. The cost of the project has not been disclosed.