South Africa hits 1 Million broadband users


South Africa has surpassed the 1 Million broadband subscriber mark. South Africa now has more than 1 Million broadband connections, made up mainly of ADSL and HSDPA subscribers.

Telkom currently has in the region of 415 000 ADSL subscribers, and previously indicated that it is on track to hit their 420 000 target by the end of March. Vodacom has 360 000 3G/HSDPA data card users while MTN recently announced that they now have 120 000 3G/HSDPA data card users on their South African network. This brings the total number of ADSL and HSDPA subscribers to 895 000.

iBurst currently has 60 000 subscribers while it is estimated that around 45,000 broadband users are served by Wireless Internet Service Providers around the country. Add the few thousand MyWireless users and it brings the total number of broadband subscribers to just over 1 Million.

While this is a milestone well worth celebrating in the local broadband environment, the country’s broadband penetration rate of 2% is still very far below international standards.

The average broadband penetration rate in OECD countries is 18.8% with Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Korea, Norway and Iceland leading the way with over 29 subscribers per 100 inhabitants each.

Experts estimate that the number of broadband connections will grow to between 1.5 Million and 2 Million by 2010.