Web Africa slashes prices & doubles data on capped ADSL


Internet service provider (ISP) Web Africa has taken the fight to the competition by drastically cutting prices and adding extra data onto all of its capped ADSL products. Under the new pricing structure the data caps of every product have been at least doubled while the prices have been kept the same dropping the rates as low as R1.50/GB in some cases.

In addition to the increased data allocations each of the packages from Web Africa now also includes night-time data bundles which can be used between midnight and 6AM. The night-time data allocation gives users the same amount of data as their any time data allowance effectively re-doubling the already doubled data limits.

While it may become convoluted in the explanation, the new rates mean that a Web Africa customer paying R199 goes from a 15GB cap to having 60GB anytime and another 60GB for late night internetting. The good news for existing Web Africa clients is that they’ve all been migrated to the new packages already.

Even better news is that the price drops aren’t a flash-in-the-pan special according to Web Africa’s CEO Tim Wyatt-Gunning, who hopes that the new pricing “will convince many consumers and businesses, who previously felt it was simply too expensive, to switch to ADSL.”

The price cuts come on the back of another aggressive move from Web Africa last week which effectively offered .co.za domains for R1 through specials on the company’s Premium and Premium Plus which cut the first two month’s subscription fees to just R1/month.

Source: WebAfrica