Chinese Inspur Group Unveils Zimbabwe’s First Supercomputer


Leading Chinese personal computer and server manufacturer, Inspur Group, recently unveiled a Supercomputer in Zimbabwe with a capacity to process 36 trillion calculations per second. The Supercomputer facility was launched at the University of Zimbabwe. It makes the southern African country one of very few in the continent to house such an asset.

The supercomputer is expected to be used for agricultural activities, weather forecast, mining, gene technology, and stimulation. “If used properly and extensively, the supercomputer can bring fundamental changes to Zimbabwe –enabling sophisticated researches to be conducted and becoming a hub for training cloud computing experts in Africa,” said Deputy President Huang Gang, deputy president of Inspur Group. “Its contribution to national development can’t be rivalled by the building of government offices and roads, the mainstream Chinese-aid projects,” he added.

A supercomputer is a computer at the frontline of contemporary processing capacity that can happen at trillions of floating point operations second. They are rarely found in Africa.

Source: Ventures 9 February 2015