Sierra Leone’s Minister denies he is responsible for Sierratel’s monopoly international gateway license


In a magnificent display of political slipperiness, Sierra Leone's Minister of Information and Communications, Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo says his Ministry had nothing to do with the monopoly international gateway license obtained by Sierratel. If the Government had actually opposed the license, it is hard to see how it would have been granted by the regulator.

Nevertheless, the Minister explained to HANA's correspondent in the capital Freetown last week that the only role his Ministry had played was to provide cover for Sierratel at cabinet and parliamentary levels for the stipulated Act to be amended.

"If Sierratel needs a Bill to be passed in Parliament or the support of his Ministry to popularize it at cabinet level, his Ministry would willingly provide support for Sierratel, to achieve those goals reiterating that the Ministry has nothing to do with the award of the gateway license to Sierratel", Kargbo explained.

He also pointed out that the gateway licensing bid came into being through an Act of Parliament which clearly stipulates that the gateway belongs to Sierra Leone and that the Ministry of Information and Communications can only come in when it is necessary to provide some assistance to the telecommunications companies, including Sierratel.

Highway Africa News Agency