Internet News - In Brief


- Cameroon has been chosen alongside two other African countries to host one of the major network operational centres of RASCOM. Following the terms of the agreement, Cameroon has allocated some 10,000 square metres of land for a period of 99 years for the building of a ground control installation for the first-ever African satellite. Two other ground centres would be established in Libya and The Gambia

- Google is supporting local online store WantItAll with its best practice advertising information and advertising standards, says Google South Africa’s country manager Stafford Masie. Until recently, Drennan and two university friends operated WantItAll out of a garage. The original service involved ordering items that were available overseas, importing them into SA, and then delivering locally. According to Drennan, the shop now offers eight million items and the team works full time for the store.

- Congolese opposition political party, the “Rassemblement Congolais pour la Démocratie” has launched its website at

- Google launched its popular blogging service, Blogger, in Arabic, enabling Arabic-language users around the world to connect, express themselves, and participate in one of the biggest Internet trends today.