Mobile Number Portability in Ghana Passes 2 Million


Less than four years since launch, Ghana's Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service reached on February 19, 2015 the milestone of two million successful porting requests processed for Ghana consumers. MNP is a system which allows mobile telephony customers to move from one service provider to another whilst retaining their old mobile number.

The mobile phone environment in Ghana shares many characteristics with other markets in Africa, such as the predominance of prepaid customers, the availability of multiple competing mobile networks, and the proportion of customers that have accounts and SIMs at more than one of the networks.

However, Ghana's success in MNP is singular; and can be largely attributed to the initial advance preparations and rigorous testing and the collaboration amongst all the key stakeholders; National Communications Authority, Porting Access Ghana (the central MNP service provider), and the mobile network operators as well as continuous monitoring and analysis of results by NCA.

In January 2015, over 95% of all porting requests were completed in five minutes or less, and no customer was charged to port their number.

NCA again states its appreciation for the contribution toward the successful MNP implementation by all mobile operators and by Porting Access Ghana. We will continue to monitor and enhance this vital aspect of the consumer choice landscape.

Source: Press Release