Microsoft introduces Instalment Payments for Vista in Kenya


Software giant Microsoft has announced plans to adopt the mortgage industry's marketing concepts to speed up the uptake of its latest release, Vista. The company's local subsidiary Microsoft Kenya said it had embarked on an aggressive drive aimed at convincing small business owners to upgrade their software systems to Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 - and pay for it over a three year period.

"If your upgrade costs came to $600, you could pay in instalments of $200 over the next three years," said Laura Chite of Microsoft. Customers will also be eligible for 50 per cent discount on the first year's payment - reducing the total cost of the upgrade to $500 instead of $600.

Vista is the direct successor to XP, whose uptake has been relatively slow in Kenya and around the world compared to earlier releases from the software giant. The company's latest Open Value offer is targeted at small businesses, but parallel initiatives are being implemented for other customer segments.

Business Daily