PublicVine 'disappointed at lack of uptake' from African content producers


Online video content platform PublicVine is disappointed at the lack of uptake from African content producers who are not taking advantage of the platform to monetise their products.

PublicVine gives video vendors a platform to rent and sell their content to consumers. In turn consumers make a commission by referring people to the portal.

Video on demand is slowly gaining momentum in SA owing to improved internet access and high-speed networks. Moreover, video on demand gives content aggregators and producers an alternative revenue stream.

Launched commercially in June last year, PublicVine has about 50 video vendors on its books. About six of the vendors are from Nigeria and the company is set to sign more in the coming weeks.

There are no vendors in SA, despite PublicVine running extensive workshops prior to its launch last year in the US, Nigeria and SA in a bid to attract content producers.

"We are disappointed with the take-up (from Africa). We know there is a need for this," says founder Nam Mokwunye in an interview at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. He is showcasing PublicVine to network operators attending the conference.

PublicVine still hopes to partner with mobile network operators. But while some are showing interest and like the platform because of its uniqueness, they have made no commitments, says Mr Mokwunye.

"But it is a matter of time before one of the major operators partner with us," he says.

The aim is to, among other things, form marketing partnerships that would make PublicVine available to their subscription base.

Most mobile network operators have already invested millions of rand in building their own video on demand platforms. Among them is MTN, which has already launched its platform called Front Row.

PublicVine has also introduced new services on its platform to enhance user experience. By signing up with PublicVine, vendors will immediately have their own channel and video store in a global online and mobile video shopping mall. They set their own prices for videos based on those suggested by PublicVine, which does not have exclusive arrangements with vendors.

Videos being shown on PublicVine's platform range from music and documentaries to feature films and TV dramas. But the most popular videos are those of artists teaching people how to draw, among other things. Fitness instructors have also made inquiries about using PublicVine to sell their products.

Source: BD Live 4 March 2015