Kenya: Liquid Telecom to re-enter home market


Liquid Telecom has stated to media that it is currently set to re-enter Kenya's retail internet market. Liquid Telecom Kenya CEO, Ben Roberts, told media that the company intends to complete the very many Fibre To The Home (FTTH) projects that the former owners of the company, Kenya Data Network (KDN), had started.

According to Roberts, an estimated KES 1.4 billion will be spent in Kenya. Roberts stated further that with the funding, Liquid will start offering fibre internet connectivity to homes, in a market currently dominated by Jamii Telecoms, which has 80,000 FTTH passes.

Liquid Telecom's customers include wholesale carriers, mobile network operators, ISPs, financial institutions and businesses. Its UK parent firm recently announced that it had raised USD 150 million, to fund the expansion of its fibre network in Africa. The loan was facilitated by Standard Chartered and provided by large global investment banks.

Source: ITNews Africa 5 March 2015