Intercontinental Bank Activates I-Mobile Cards in Ghana

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Intercontinental Bank Plc has launched the I-Mobile card that will enable both its account holders and non-account holders to use its ATMs in both Ghana and Nigeria. It is in effect a re-loadable pre-pay card. Ken Tadaferua, Group Executive, Corporate Affairs & Brand Management, said that before the bank's electronic products were only used within the country and was limited to account holders only.

IMobile Product Manager, Austin Akwarandu said that "The newly introduced I-Cash Mobile and I Cash International as well as the ATM Connect Services has bridged the distance between Nigeria and Ghana. Ghana is now just a card away with your I-Mobile reloadable card. Customer can draw the equivalent of the money in Naira from any of our bank's ATMs in Ghana in Cedis"

He said all that "is required is for the customer is to pick up one of the reloadable cards from any of our branches across the country or in Ghana . They are required to change their PIN and off you go to any of our ATMs in Nigeria or Ghana .

Account holders need not get the reloadable cards with their I-cash mobile or their phone which is linked to their accounts. They can transfer funds to any of the Imobile reloadable cards which can then be used on the ATMs. Similarly, with the I-Cash mobile you can transfer money to any mobile phone in Nigeria ."

Only recently, the bank formally launched two new electronic products- I-Cash International and I-Cash Mobile to further expand the frontiers of its robust e-banking platform in response to the demands of the market. The Bank believes that through I-Cash International, for instance, it would facilitate seamless business transaction between Ghana and Nigeria and provide ready access to money in Ghanaian currency for a sender. The I-Cash International is to be facilitated by six Intercontinental Bank Ghana Ltd branches situated in hub of Accra .

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