Uber Enters Nigeria, Launches Low Cost Taxi Service in Lagos

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VENTURES AFRICA – Uber – the technology company that connects riders with drivers through a smartphone application – recently launched its low cost option, uberX as a safe, reliable and flexible alternative to urban transportation in Lagos.

The uberX ride is typically a Toyota Camry, Kia Cerato, Hyundai Elantra or Honda Accord with a base fare of N500, N10 per minute and N110 per kilometer. Uber is a completely cashless system, meaning an Uber rider’s fare is charged automatically and electronically to their credit or debit card, protecting both riders and drivers, and ensuring that all payments are traceable.

Uber rides have a GPS tracking system which sees where the rider is on the map, making pickup more efficient than alternate means of transportation. Riders also have access to a live GPS-enabled map throughout their journey and can share this with a third party – such as family, partners or friends – who can track their progress to their destination.

Commenting on the service, Ebi Atawodi, General Manager, Uber Lagos stated “People are changing the way they connect with their cities and get around, and we feel Uber is a big part of this revolution. We believe Nigerians should be allowed more choice in the way they travel and with uberX, we now offer unrivalled value for getting around Lagos safely and securely, at the touch of a button.”

She further stated that “To ensure that Uber riders receive the highest quality rides and reliability, all partner drivers have to have a driver institute card and commercial insurance before they are allowed to drive on the Uber system. Further all our drivers are vetted by the Uber team, making Uber the safest way to get around.”

Source: Ventures 5 March 2015