Zimbabwe: The Government of Zimbabwe Orders Telecel to Stop Operating in the Country


The Government of Zimbabwe has directed mobile phone operator, Telecel Zimbabwe to stop operating in the country, saying that the company has no license and is also not complying with the country's laws, according to report on the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation.

The Minister of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services, Supa Mandiwanzira said Telecel should stop operating after breaching two major principles.

"The position is that Telecel should cease operations and that is the position that has been adopted by cabinet which instructed a committee chaired by Cde Chris Mushowe, who is responsible for certain aspects of POTRAZ, who is the regulator," said Mandiwanzira.

The mobile operator has been operating without a licence since 2013 and information gathered shows that the regulating body, POTRAZ has been heavily compromised in the matter.

POTRAZ is alleged to have allowed Telecel to operate through an agreement which is not provided for by the law.

There were allegations that POTRAZ entered into an agreement with Telecel to pay US$137 million licence fees over seven years.

The initial payment of US$14 million was supposed to be made by August 2013 but Telecel breached it, forcing government to act accordingly.

Source: CIO East Africa 13 March 2015