Outernet installs CubeSat facilities in Kenya to provide free internet


Outernet, is a service aimed at proing  CubeSat facilities in Kenya to provide free Wi-Fi service for use by Kenyans, at a low cost.

Using a network of  small satellites dubbed CubeSats, Outernet aims to transmit internet to any Wi-Fi-enabled device, including mobile CubeNet-is especially targeting the poor and the technologically disenfranchised.

CubeSats broadcast from Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and in an additional frequency (UHF) so cheaper hardware can pick up the signal easily and there is less opportunity for outside influence into the transmission therefore seen as the best tool to counter censorship and free nformation flow.

Outernet currenlt broadcasts in Ku-band but is planning to add the L-band over the coming months and then UHF so no one can be able to black the broadcast.

Already installed in Kenya, Outernet’s first company-made receiver in Kenya will make Internet access anonymous, ubitquitous, and free. Outernet also recieved funding from the UK Space Agency. UK’s Clyde Space will continue to provide the CubeSat expertise for expansion to reach as many people on the platnet wherever they are.

Clyde Space will also help in develonment cheaper user-end receivers and will help Outernet achieve hardware independence by owning its own space assets.

According to Syed Karim, CEO of Outernet, “This project is not just about producing test hardware for Outernet to use in advancing our mission, but about refining a process that changes the entire communications industry.”

To watch an interview with the CEO and Founder of Outernet, click on the link here:

Source: Techmoran 20 March 2015