Telecoms News - In Brief


- The on-off privatisation of Algerie Telecom is scheduled for the first quarter of 2008, according to Post and Information and Communication Technologies Minister Boudjemaâ Haïchour."Whether it is for the launch of the third generation 3G of the cellular telephones or the opening of Algerie Telecom’s capital, everything should be finished before the end of the first semester of the current year," the minister told the media.

- Nitel’s General Manager for the Enugu Zone, Engr. Christopher Ogwugwuam said that cables estimated to cost N35 million have been destroyed by suspected vandals in Imo state while The Botswana Telecommunications Corporation (BTC) reported loosing more than P2 million in materials and repairs between May 2006 and February last year because of vandalism and cable theft.

- A national supervision establishment in charge of real time detecting all anomalies on the national transmission network has been inaugurated in Algeria. Based in Algerie Telecom (AT)’s control and maintenance centre, in Algiers Sidi M'Hamed commune, this establishment equipped with the latest technologies will allow to detect in real time all the anomalies or problems on the national optical fiber networks and microwave radio systems.

- DRC is planning to introduce measures to identify pre-paid mobile phone subscribers. The announcement has raised some doubts and concerns about how the a task of this scale would be carried out fairly and efficiently.

- According to the “Diplomate Guinéen”, the Council of Ministers dated February 20th decided to send the Minister of Communications to Malaysia to discuss with Malaysia Telecom what price that the Government has to pay for the former strategic investor to exit Sotelgui.

- Sudatel which won a third global telecommunications licence in Senegal last year has announced that it will launch its activities in May at the latest. Any person interested to apply for a job with the company can send their CV to the Sudanese Embassy in Dakar.