Final radio spectrum assignment plan published


The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa has published its final plan for assigning IMT Radio frequency spectrum in South Africa

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa has published its Final Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plans (RFSAPs) for International Mobile Telephony (IMT).

These plans aim to outline the regulatory and technical conditions of the use of the frequency bands in South Africa, and are available from the Icasa website.

Icasa said the RFSAPs provide the conditions and requirements attached to the use of a frequency band in-line with the allocation in the National Radio Frequency Plan.

These conditions includes technical characteristics of radio systems, frequency channeling, coordination, details on required migration of existing users of the band, and the expected method of assignment.

Icasa said the Final IMT Roadmap, which it published on 4 November 2014, formed the basis for the development of the Radio Frequency Spectrum Plans for IMT Spectrum 2015.

“Following extensive public consultation and engagement with stakeholders, the Authority furthermore also completed the revision and is publishing the Final Radio Frequency Spectrum Regulations,” Icasa said.

According to Icasa, the regulations establish:

    A framework through which Icasa may allocate and assign radio frequency spectrum under the South African Table of Frequency Allocations.
    Standard terms and conditions which will be applicable to all frequency bands and applications as well as Radio Frequency Spectrum Licences.
    A fair, transparent, and efficient process and procedure for radio frequency spectrum licence applications.

Source: MyBroadband 31 March 2015