GSMA Welcomes South Africa’s Move to Foster Digital Inclusion and Economic Growth Through Mobile


LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Following the publication of the South African Government’s Final Radio Frequency Spectrum Assignment Plans1, Tom Phillips, Chief Regulatory Officer, GSMA, commented:

“The GSMA congratulates the Government of South Africa on its decision to adopt the harmonised spectrum channel plans for the use of the 700MHz and 800MHz bands, also known as the ‘Digital Dividend’2, for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT).

“Complementing its earlier decision to harmonise the 800MHz band, the alignment of the 700MHz band with the lower portion of the globally harmonised Asia Pacific channel plan3 will allow South Africa to maximise the benefits of this spectrum for all of its citizens. Harmonisation of the Digital Dividend will offer significant economies of scale for handset manufacturers, driving more affordable mobile devices for consumers.

“Spectrum harmonisation and the timely release of Digital Dividend spectrum to mobile are critical to meeting African governments’ objectives of offering mobile coverage to all citizens, especially in rural areas. With access to adequate spectrum, the continent’s mobile industry is well placed to help foster digital inclusion and support future economic growth. Encouraged by South Africa’s decision, we strongly urge other countries in the region to follow its example.”
Source: Business Wire 7 April 2015