Malawi: Telecommunications War - TNM Blocks MTL Lines, Threats Airtel


A telecommunication war has broken out between two telecommunication service providers in the country: TNM and MTL.

Information that Malawi24 has indicates that over some misunderstandings as regards network platform prices which are controlled by MTL, Telekom Networks Malawi has decided to withhold their services from being accessed by all MTL users.

"The issue is on MTL hiking prices of the network platform for TNM which they host. TNM feels the prices have been hiked unfairly and it appears their complaints have fallen on deaf ears and they have resorted to blocking all their lines from being accessed by MTL numbers," said a source.

In an attempt to verify facts, Malawi24 attempted to make a call from a MTL number to a TNM number and we could not go through.

"Sorry you cannot make this call," were the words that responded to our ten times effort.

Other customers have as well complained of similar problems when making a call from a MTL line to a TNM line.

However when calls were made from the MTL line to Airtel line they went through without any problem.

The reaction by TNM in their solving of issues that affect the telecommunication companies has meanwhile sent shivers down Airtel customers who have started fearing that in a case of any misunderstanding TNM will take it as children as well and jeorpadise their business interests.

Meanwhile it is being expected that customers will launch an appeal to the communications regulatory body Macra.
Source: Malawi24 22 April 2015