Sierra Leone's government envisions full fibre coverage by 2017


Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies has begun construction work on a 400km fibre-optic network in Sierra Leone, which will link the towns of Lungi, Port Loko, Makeni, Koidu, Ferengbeya, Bumbuna and Kabala. All Africa cited Sierra Leone's deputy ICT Minister Theo Nicol as saying: 'This project will reduce cost of internet services by half. For now, those with computers can connect to the fibre line upon its completion this month.'

Further, the official revealed that the entire country would be covered by fibre-optic networks by 2017. *In separate news, Sierra Leone's telecoms regulator – the National Telecommunication Commission (NATCOM) – has reportedly threatened the country's mobile operators with penalties following an increase in complaints over the poor quality of their networks, StarAfrica writes.

A NATCOM representative was quoted as saying that the regulator had secured a 'quality of service (QoS) monitoring machine' that would allow it to measure QoS parameters, including dropped calls and call success rates.
Source:  Lightwave online 22 April 2015