Moovah! gets SA taxi commuters surfing the net


Taxi commuters will have greater access to Wi-Fi through a new app called Moovah! which will give commuters free internet connectivity and mobile content in a network of select minibus taxis.

Technology company Onroot has partnered with Absa and vehicle financing company SA Taxi to bring Moovah! to the market. The pilot phase will be rolled out in Gauteng from mid-April.

“Unlike other Wi-Fi services, the Moovah! app does not merely offer free internet connectivity. It allows access to mobile content that can be downloaded or streamed at high speeds, without the need for 3G, ADSL [fixed line] or electricity,” said Onroot chief executive and founder Megan Harrison.

By travelling in a taxi carrying a Moovah! device, commuters will be able to connect to the Moovah! Wi-Fi platform and download music, games, videos and articles on to their smartphones.

They will also be able to browse the internet by using a daily data quota they earn simply by connecting to the Moovah! Wi-Fi system.

If commuters find themselves short on data they will earn additional points by participating in surveys, providing personal details, and watching adverts on their daily commute.

Additional points can also be converted into data or used to purchase premium content.

“Every 100 points that a commuter will earn, equals 10 MB of data, which equals R1 of content,” said Harrison.

The app offers participating brands an opportunity to directly target very specific consumers. The system is geospecific and knows where on a given taxi route consumers find themselves. Brands are therefore able to offer deals and specials and collect consumer insights specific to a taxi route.

The cost of the app and the device will be covered by advertising.

“Taxi operators offering the Moovah! service will become preferred providers for commuters, increasing their revenue streams. In return, they will also earn revenue as a media outlet for organisations using Moovah! to promote their products,” said Harrison.

Matt Hunter, head of savings and investments at Absa, said the app was a win-win for all stakeholders.

“Absa’s support of the pilot phase is aligned with our ambition to become the “go-to” bank for all South Africans,” said Hunter.

“Everyone involved benefits by receiving access to something they’ve never had. The foundation of all the advantages is digital connectivity, which enables people to move more easily from the informal to the formal economy and puts more money into circulation in the communities where the taxis operate.”

To identify which routes should be used, the partners have tapped into SA Taxi’s advanced telematics system and the taxis will be tracked.

When the app was in the design phase commuters were asked what they would want from the app to ensure that they would use it.

“Access to relevant information and the ability to communicate with their social network of choice topped their priority list. Most South Africans can access the internet only from their phones. However, data packages are prohibitively expensive for the average person,” said Harrison.

“By eliminating the cost associated with accessing content and removing the frustration of buffering or slow download speeds, we’ve addressed multiple social needs in one simple proposition. In the process, we are changing the taxi commuting experience forever.”
Source: Citypress 22 April 2015