iBurst takes aim at online gaming in South Africa

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iBurst recently launched its own online gaming portal and says that they see a lot of potential in this market.

iBurst recently launched its iGame online gaming platform in partnership with iStorm, a group of gaming experts. The aim was to provide iBurst subscribers with an on-net gaming platform that would provide low latency and an enhanced gaming experience.

Antony McKechnie, head of product development at iBurst, said that iBurst gamers currently experience latencies of between 80 ms and 150 ms, a big improvement on what they experience when playing games hosted on other networks.

The service was launched in Beta phase with only a handful of titles earlier this year, but has grown significantly since then to over 16 titles. McKechnie said that the company plans to have between 80 and 100 titles in the near future.

There are currently around 1000 online gamers making use of the iGame platform, and the company predicts steady future growth.

iBurst is planning two separate online gaming services: a free, open platform and a subscription based service with quality of service guarantees. The company is confident that a high quality service will bring value to the online gaming community and justify a subscription fee.