South Africa's SNO Neotel delays residential services launch


Neotel has confirmed an updated launch date for its commercial residential services.Last year Neotel said that consumers can expect a commercial residential offering in the first quarter of this year.

Recent comments from the company's Managing Director, Ajay Pandey, however cast some doubt on a launch before the end of March. Pandey told The Times this week that Neotel will 'announce a consumer offering within 100 days'. This means that the March 2008 launch date was effectively pushed back to the middle of May.

Neotel's spokesman Fani Zulu confirmed 'that we are on track with our plan to launch Neotel's consumer services within the next 100 days. This is in line with the statement recently made by our Managing Director Mr Ajay Pandey," said Zulu. Neotel further said that their pilot programme for the consumer offering is well underway and that they are satisfied with the results.

"We have taken a gradual and phased approach to rolling out our consumer services. Our target is to start generating revenue from our consumer offering by the end of the first quarter (March 2008), subject to tariff approval by ICASA. Later, Neotel will then launch its marketing and PR campaign to support the consumer offering," Zulu concluded.