Vodacom extends internet coverage


MASERU – Vodacom Lesotho has finished rolling out its 3G service across all its towers to become the first operator to provide internet coverage to the majority in the country.

Vodacom’s Managing Executive of Consumer and Enterprise Johnny Dos Santos said during the launch of the KaeKapaKae campaign to mark the telecommunications’ wide coverage achievements to date.

This means that any part of the country that has Vodacom signal in Lesotho now also has internet coverage.

The KaeKapaKae campaign which includes special offers that have been made available to all Vodacom subscribers, also includes the largest competition giveaway ever to be launched in Lesotho; the Vodacom Mega Millions today.

Dos Santos said following the expansion of internet coverage, Basotho can now relax and indulge in Vodacom Lesotho’s life changing services.

“It has come to our realisation that 94% of the population of Lesotho is covered and connected to our network. This is why over the years we could dare to invest billions of maloti to develop the country.”

“Vodacom is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the power of the internet going on and to make it available to everybody everywhere,” Dos Santos said.

He further indicated they are committed to supporting the government of Lesotho by ensuring telecommunications works efficiently in the country, to facilitate academic and business development.

Santos added, “We firmly believe that access to communication services has been a driving force for development in Lesotho and that it continues to be transformational as we work to make accessible, voice, internet and m-pesa services for Basotho.

“We continue to drive this by providing low cost devices and connecting as many Basotho as possible to the network through heavy investment in both 3G and LTE services, as well as affordable tariffs and bundled packages services,” Santos said.

He added the campaign would also see the continuation of programmes that unearth and celebrate Lesotho’s local talent.

“With over M3 million in cash, cars, thousands of airtime vouchers and many more mega prizes to be won, the Vodacom Mega Million competition provides the biggest opportunity for all Basotho to be able to change their lives, to not only dream big, but to win big as well.” he added.

Speaking at the same event, acting manager of marketing and brand at VCL, Ketsia Matsela, said the company is constantly raising the standards and allocation of prizes in their annual competition.

“As a matter of fact, with 3G one is able to connect everywhere he or she is,” Matsela also said.
Source: Public Eye News 12 May 2015