Google Consumer Barometer reveals internet usage stats for Kenya


According to a survey conducted by the Google Consumer Barometer, which was revealed by 89 percent of people located within Kenya go online to visit social networks, which include the likes of Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram.

To add to the findings, 81 percent of users utilise the internet in order to check e-mail, use charts, as well as access instant messenger services.

“The idea behind The Consumer Barometer is to find out what are people actually doing online, what are the habits and what are they exactly searching for. Again what kind of media are they consuming when they go online,” Google Kenya Country Manager Charles Murito explained in the report.

The report also revealed that the rate of Kenyans going online just to post comments on websites or social sites stood at 71 percent, while 66 percent wanted to find news, sports and weather updates. While 65 percent wanted to use search engines, 49 percent wanted to listen to music, and 42 percent wanted to shop online.

The report revealed that only 18 percent of users used the internet to purchase goods. Additionally, the survey found that 64 percent of the internet audience within Kenya is aged below 25 years… while 49 percent is aged between 25 and 34 years. The rate for Kenyans aged 65 and above stood at zero percent.

The report also revealed that Kenya is the third country in Africa to have its data included in the Consumer Barometer, after South Africa and Nigeria.
Source: ITNews Africa 8 May 2015