Algeria: Vazii, Algerian Application to Compete With Viber and Tango

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Algiers — An Algerian application that allows calling and sending free written, audio and video messages via internet was launched Tuesday in Algiers under the commercial name of "Vazii."

Designed by Algerian engineers and technicians of the startup Iconest, "Vazii" is downloadable for free from Google+ and the website of the innovative company.

This free service is adapted to the different devices: laptop and desktop, and also to the different Smartphones, said the managers of the startup Iconest.

As "efficient" as its predecessors already present in the global market like "Viber" or "Tango," "Vazii" is an application developed by Algerians for Algerians, according to the managers of Iconest.

Iconest' CEO Ali Azouz underlined in a statement to APS that "Vazii" is an application of unified communication and instant messaging, allowing making voice and video calls, sending messages and all types of email attachments for free with the other members of "Vazii."
Source: Algerie Presse Service (Algiers) 13 May 2015