INWI Taps Aptilo Networks and Smartcom for Carrier Wi-Fi


INWI, the third largest telecommunications operator in Morocco, has selected Aptilo Networks and Smartcom for a major upgrade to “Wifi7dak,” INWI’s public Wi-Fi service. The upgrade will increase bandwidth, support network expansion and add new payment functionalities. 
“We’re turning Wifi7dak into a true carrier-class Wi-Fi network with solutions from Aptilo and leading-edge apps from Smartcom,” said Julien Muller, Manager of Product and Services, Innovation, Strategy and Partnerships, INWI. “INWI reaffirms our commitment to customers with innovative services and a first-rate user experience.” 
INWI has deployed the Aptilo Service Management Platform (SMP). Aptilo SMP provides highly scalable Wi-Fi services to increase INWI’s bandwidth capacity and support growth of the Wi-Fi network. It also allows INWI to easily integrate trusted 3GPP Wi-Fi access with SIM authentication and backhauling to the mobile core through GTP tunnels in the next phase of deployment.

Mobile users can logon to the service using an app developed by Smartcom and available in the INWI online marketplace. The app offers the same functionality as a branded web portal (also available) while also providing INWI with valuable analytics and more granular control over the Wi-Fi service.

Wifi7dak will be available to pre- and postpaid users who can purchase the service through vouchers and credit cards. Roaming users will also be able to use Wifi7dak, creating opportunities for customer acquisition and service expansion.