Tanzania: BitPesa Launches Remittance Service in Tanzania

Money Transfer

BitPesa, the Kenyan digital currency exchange startup, has launched its remittance service along with new features to improve User Experience (UX) in Tanzania.

This move will see Tanzania become the first country the startup has expanded its international money transfer service into.

The announcement was made through, an article, on Bitpesa's official blog, which informed users of the tool that it has been made even better.

"We've been working round the clock making BitPesa even better. Our awesome customers talk to us and shared that they use BitPesa for all of their digital financial needs. Bringing home salaries they earn from global clients, paying for goods they import and export, and sending out mobile payments to all of the people and business partners in their lives." The statement informed. "To grow alongside our customers we moved South across the map and launched in our 2nd country." It continued.

The statement went on to further explain that anyone from any where looking to transact with someone in Tanzania can do it using Bitpesa.

"You can now make a payment to any Tanzanian mobile money number instantly from anywhere in the world for just 3%! All major mobile money operators are included." The statement added.

The tool has also gone further to add new features which include: Add, edit and search for your contacts right on your Pay page, calculate your payment using 7 different reference currencies and get the statuses on all your payments using our simple new dashboard.

BitPesa launched its international money transfer in Kenya last year; In November 2014 the startup celebrated its first birthday, with goals of expanding throughout Africa. The company has slowly been working toward this goal, something that is shown by the fact that, besides its remittance product, the company operates an exchange in Kenya and Ghana.
Source: CIO East Africa  19 May 2015