GOGO Music launches free mobile app

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House music lovers are in for a treat. Leading house label GOGO Music recently launched a free mobile phone app that enables them to listen to all episodes of the trend-setting GOGO Music radio show, as well as to see the dates of the GOGO Music artists and get contact information.

GOGO Music was established in 2001 by South African-based German producer/DJ Ralf GUM to offer a platform for innovative releases. While Ralf’s heart beats for musical deep house, GOGO Music stands for varied and intelligent club sounds with soul. The GOGO Music radio show was started in 2003. What began as a monthly show transmitted by one internet-radio rapidly became one of the most popular weekly broadcasts within the house community and beyond. The show is to date aired by more than 50 FM- and internet-stations around the globe. The GOGO Music radio show residents Ralf GUM, MAQman, Sir LSG and Themba present nothing but the finest house music in a pure, one-hour DJ mix.

"The GOGO Music App is a tool to spread our vision of good house music,” Ralf told Music In Africa recently. “It is designed for everyone who has a mobile device with internet access, no matter where the person is based. We're aware that more people in the Northern Hemisphere are currently privileged with affordable internet-access, but are pleased to see that the app is appreciated by many in our home-base South Africa, too. The country is the undisputed hot-bed for house music to date and therefore the app hopefully helps to promote its musical vibe globally.

“The big advantage of the app is that it enables us to reach those people who are interested in the music directly. By doing so, the aim is clearly not to compete with conventional radio, which has to serve many more functions than purely presenting music."

Looking toward the future, Ralf continues: “Expanding the functionality of the app, for example by offering direct music sales, is a future possibility. However, this can only become viable once transaction fees for internet payments decreased drastically or once direct payments without a middle-man became reality on the net. For now the focus is simply to let music travel the world."

The app is available as a free download from numerous app stores, including Google play and iTunes app store. Get the iOS (iPhone, iPad) version here  and the Android version here.
Source: Music in Africa 15 May 2015