Abu Dhabi-based Yahsat to storm Africa’s telecom industry with massive expansion agenda


VENTURES AFRICA – Yahsat, the Abu Dhabi-based satellite communications firm, is steaming ahead with its expansion plans into Africa, it emerged on Wednesday. The company wants to enter this market as it has traditionally been overlooked following political strife in some parts of the region, with national servers having been down for a long time.

David Murphy, the chief commercial officer at Yahsat, said the company was making preparations for the mobilisation of a third satellite by the fourth quarter of next year.

This would allow the company to serve a further 600 million people with its YahClick broadband service. There remain about 16 markets throughout Africa where Yahsat is not represented and these include Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

The new satellite will assist the company in its bid to bolster coverage in these areas and in Brazil. The South American country is viewed as a new market for the firm. But regulatory hurdles in some areas could thwart the firm from expanding as rapidly as it would prefer.

YahClick had 34,000 subscribers in early March, the company said. The African countries of Nigeria, South Africa and Angola have performed well in the past year, Murphy said.
Source: Ventures 28 May 2015