Microsoft launches low-cost Internet in rural Kenya


Microsoft is aiming to connect rural residents in Nanyuki, a market town in Laikipia County in central Kenya, with low-cost wireless Internet. The move aims to deliver affordable Internet service and connectivity to central Kenya as a means of providing service to under-served regions of the country.

According to Microsoft: “The Internet service is made possible by utilising TV White Spaces, the unused portions of wireless spectrum in the frequency bands used for television broadcasting.”

An initial trial of the technology in Kenya had been first announced in early 2013; however, the project is finally beginning to progress.

The program is part of Microsoft’s broader 4Afrika Initiative, which is aimed at improving the continent’s global competitiveness. The project has since rolled out 15 Wi-Fi hotspots near Nanyuki, including: the Matanya shopping centre, Burguret Dispensary, Male Primary School, Male Secondary School, Gakawa Secondary School and Laikipia District Community Library, local reports on the topic reported.

The move is expected to enable Kenyans, within Nanyuki, to access the internet as well as stream content, while connected to the service.
Source: ITNews Africa 25 May 2015

To watch Fernando de Sousa, Microsoft talk about the business model for TV White Spaces click on the link here: