Senegal’s Hayo Telecom Runs into Trouble with Orange


Subscribers of Hayo Telecom, the full-service telco in the decentralised region of Matam in Senegal, were blocked from making or receiving calls last week due to a trade dispute with the country’s largest operator Sonatel/Orange Senegal, reports Agence Ecofin.

Disagreement reportedly centred on wholesale rates/payments for incoming international calls and wireless tower rental, as the small regional operator leases capacity for its mobile operations in Matam from Orange. Hayo argues that it should pay lower wholesale rates than larger nationwide operators Tigo and Express.

However, the report added that Hayo subscribers had services restored on 25 May, whilst the company’s general director Fatimata Ba Agne added that the telecoms regulator ARTP had now entered the Hayo-Orange dispute.

Hayo Telecom was set up by a group of Senegalese businesses – Consortium du Service Universel (CSU) – to offer fixed, mobile and internet services in the Matam region, and launched as Senegal’s fourth telecoms network operator in March 2013.

Source: Mobile World Mag 1 June 2015