Want to Listen to Nigerian Radio Over the Internet? There Are Apps For That


The players might be an endangered species, but radio medium itself is still alive and well. Video did not kill the radio star, millions of people listen every day. Only less and less through the original, dedicated radio player. These days, most people listen to the radio in their cars or on their phones.

In the early days, radio used to be a hyperlocal thing. You were limited to radio stations within a radius of a few miles. Today, radio stations now have online streams that people anywhere in the world can listen to. That means that you can experience the sounds and culture of people in faraway lands. And if you happen to be faraway from your country, you can always tune in and hear the familiar voices from home anytime you want.

There are over 200 radio stations in Nigeria, and quite a few of them have online streaming capabilities as well as apps that make tuning in very simple. There are also apps that aggregate multiple radio stations so you can listen to Nigerian stations in one place. We’ve made a list of the ones that we think you should check out right away. Don’t forget that using these apps require internet access.

96.9 Cool FM
Cool FM is a Nigeria-based English speaking radio station with frequencies across 4 of the 6 geo-political zones in Nigeria and a format of 70% urban contemporary (UC) and 30% of adult contemporary (AC).

Radio Continental 102.3 FM

News, current affairs, features, documentaries, sports, or music, are some of the programs offered on this station.

95.1 Wazobia FM
Wazobia FM broadcasts in pidgin english.

The Beat 99.9 FM
This music station broadcasts from Lagos and Ibadan.

Nolly Vibes Radio
News and Nigerian music from anywhere in the world.

Nigerian Gospel Radio
Nigerian Gospel Radio broadcasts news from Nigeria, bible verses, and contemporary gospel songs 24/7.

Nigeria info
Nigeria Info is local talk station with focus on news and sports.

Inspiration Radio 92.3 FM
This app enables you to listen to Inspiration Radio 92.3, Lagos, Nigeria.

Star FM
This application enables you to listen to the live radio broadcast of Star FM 101.5, Lagos, Nigeria.

Source: Techcabal 3 June 2015