Vodacom Claims 40 Per Cent of Mobile Phone Market in Mozambique


Vodacom-Mozambique (VM), the second cell phone operator in the country, lastTuesday claimed that it has increased its share of the mobile phone market to 40 per cent. Speaking at a lunch in Maputo with journalists, itschairman Hermenegildo Gamito said that by January of this year it had reached about 1.5 million subscribers - which is well over 40 per cent of the estimated 3.3 million cell phone users in the country.

Vodacom's last published figures were the interim results for the six month period ending on 30 September 2007, and these showed a client base of slightly less than 1.1 million, which at the time was estimated to be 38 per cent of the markets. If Gamito's figures are accurate, the company has added an extra 400,000 clients in four months - a growth in the client base of 36 per cent.

Gamito added that 3.3 million is only 16 per cent of the Mozambican population "from which we may readily conclude that the penetration of mobile telephony in Mozambique is still regarded as rather weak".

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