Internet News - In Brief


- Malawian President Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika has signed the protocol on policy and regulatory framework for the NEPAD Broadband Infrastructure Network, meaning the protocol came into force immediately, RNA reports. The other only six countries that had already ratified the protocol are: Lesotho, Mauritius, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. However, cynics are observing that as this is a piece of legislation for a project that does not exist, it is largely irrelevant.

- The project for the realization of an Algiers-Abuja optical fibre link was on the agenda of a meeting held Monday in Algiers between Postal Services and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Minister Boudjemaa and his counterparts from Nigeria, Ibrahim Dasuki, and from Niger Abdelkarim Soumaila. The technical committee’s representatives, including delegations from 'Algeria, Nigeria and Niger for the realization of Algiers-Abuja optical fibre over 4,500 km, also attended the meeting, indicated the Post and ICT Ministry’s statement.

- A co-operation agreement between Tunisia and Mali on ICTs has been signed last week. The agreement aims to boost co-operation and partnership within the framework of an openness approach in which the public and private sectors' establishments operating in this field take part.

- South Africa’s state-owned broadcasting network owner and telco Sentech has said it plans to phase out its MyWireless and Biznet wireless internet services over the medium term as it moves towards WiMAX technology.

- Cameroon is looking to develop an Internet Exchange Point following a five-day training workshop for internet service providers (ISPs) and economic actors from the Central and West African sub-regions.

- Nigerian ISP Interweb Satcom Limited has partnered with Alvarion to introduce new converged solutions that combines Wi-Fi functionality with both WiMAX and pre-WiMAX products. Interweb maintains 2,500 VSAT sites providing data services for leading organizations, such as health care providers, national lottery and sport betting agencies, oil and gas companies, universities and education service providers, financial and insurance institutions, military and security service, mining and energy conglomerate

- The Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development of Namibia expressed satisfaction with the progress made in the Decentralization Network Expansion Project. The project, which will allow all the 13 regional councils in the country access to the Internet service, is funded by the French Support Programme for N$3 million. It was initiated in October 2006 with the aim to provide all staff members of the regional councils 24-hour access to Internet and email.

- Kenya Data Networks has embarked on a major countrywide roll out of its internet connectivity linking both the Kenya Red Cross Society offices with centers for the internally displaced persons at a total cost of more than Ksh 3million. Of that Ksh 2million which is one-off cost, will cover the installation and equipment costs while the rest Ksh 1.3million will be used to buy bandwidth and to maintain the link and the equipment installed.

- MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd. announced that SkyVision Global Networks LLC a global provider of Internet services over satellite and terrestrial fibre optic systems, has signed an agreement for C-Band capacity on the AFRICASAT-1. Under the agreement, SkyVision will lease C-band space segment capacity on the Africasat-1 satellite starting as from 1 April 2008.

- Diamond Marketing Consultants (DMC) recently launched its website,, giving information about the work of the Government diamond valuators.