SEACOM brings Africa closer to central Europe with DE-CIX peering


Pan-African telecom enabler and network provider SEACOM has added the Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange (DE-CIX) in Frankfurt, Germany to the growing list of European Internet exchange points at which it peers. This new peering agreement will mean that SEACOM clients will enjoy better performance and less latency when they connect to Web services in central Europe.

DE-CIX Frankfurt is the leading Internet exchange point in the heart of Europe. The carrier-neutral exchange has the world's largest and most advanced Ethernet-based platform, DE-CIX Apollon, delivering high-availability peering with full 100Gbps Ethernet capabilities.

 “Our peering arrangement at DE-CIX means that African carriers and service providers will be able to efficiently and securely exchange Internet traffic with many major providers in central and Western Europe,” says Mark Tinka, Head of Engineering at SEACOM. “Since we have a full-service IP/MPLS point of presence in Frankfurt and control the experience from end to end, SEACOM can offer its customers high levels of service availability and quality at an affordable cost.”

“With the strong growth in Internet traffic between Africa and Europe, we want to help African Internet users reach the services they want to access with as few hops as possible,” says Tinka.
Source: Company Press Release