Cisco to help partners build sustainable business models for cloud, software & services


At Cisco One Africa Partner Summit held in Johannseburg South Africa, Cisco announced it aims to work with partners to help them build sustainable business models for cloud, software and services in Africa and beyond.

The firm discussed ways on how it capture opportunity for its partners in its now 30-year old partner program.

“If you want go fast travel alone if you want go far travel together,” said Meghan McCathy, Director, Partner Organization and Commercial MEAR at Cisco. “Our 30 year partner program has come a long way and is headed far. We’ll help you build sustainable business models for cloud, software and services. We are creating a thriving ecosystem for your long term success.  We’re committed to offering the right programs, incentives, and enablement for you to add customer value and profitably grow your business.”

McCathy added that Cisco provides thought leadership, an industry leading brand, a collaborative model, and a steadfast commitment to its partners and together they can move customers from traditional to digital and beyond to capture the opportunity in Africa. McCathy said Africa was an opportunity because its highly skilled partner base contributes 6% of Cisco’s EMEAR bookings FYTD, Africa’s Premier & Select Partners represent 29% of African Business and high number of DC Specialised partners are ready to capture CY16 growth in DC TAM of  10++%. She added that Collaboration & Security share of overall business greater in Africa than EMEAR and there’s a $400M Cloud Services addressable market in Africa  over the next 3 years which is a huge opportunity for existing  and new partners to capitalise on business.

With the increasing mobile revolution globally where 91 percent of mobile owners sleep within their devices amrs range, 95 percent  of networks face a security risk, an  increasing uptake of the cloud services and Internet of everything globally, 95% of data in organizations remain untapped, 74 percent of firms have a cloud strategy and 66 percent of digital content is user-generated.

Cisco has seen 7,908 individuals from 950 partners enrolled in training in Q3 and the firm also offers partner help Pre-sales technical support with over 11,286 Partner Help cases opened in Q3 across EMEAR. Cisco typically sees 1-3 points higher growth from partners who leverage Partner Help pre-sales and aims to see more partners join this year. The firm also launched its Cisco One to its Africa partners to help leverage their already existing networks to increase their yields.

The firm also launched a low-rate SME financing product dubbed EasyLease for mid market SME’s to help them increase their deal size, close business more easily, differiantiate their offering, accleleate tech adoption and lower cash flow pressures.
“100% of cisco’s mid market business comes from its partners that’s why we’re launching our Partner Plus Program with incentives and training to help our partners sign up more clients,” said John Donovan, Vice President, Global Virtual Sales Organization. “The Partner Plus program has over 7,908 individuals from 950 partners enrolled in training last year in Q3.”

Donovan called on Cisco’s Partners to plan to target the Midmarket for their business success by either talking to their Cisco Partner Account Manager or Commercial Sales Team representative for resources to build their Midmarket practice. Cisco estimates that the worldwide product total addressable market (TAM) for the commercial space, which includes the midmarket at $60, twice the estimated TAM of Public Sector and Enterprise segments.

According to Cisco Annual Profitability Survey 2013,the midmarket is a key investment area for the entire company to drive profitable growth with services $30B total addressable market in Midmarket is 113% or 1.13 the total addressable market for Product in Midmarket of $26,5B in 2017. The comparable commercial Services TAM is 113% of the $60B in product total addressable market, so Services Commercial total addressable marketestimated at $67.8B using this assumption.  Services now account for more than 50% of the average Cisco Certified Partners’ business, up from 20% seven years ago.
Source: Techmoran 24 June 2015