Botswana Telecom’s privatisation back on the agenda


Presenting the 2008/09 budget proposals for her ministry, Minister Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi said after the transformation, BTC would become an ordinary company governed by the Companies Act.

This bill will enable government to sell shares in the company to investors and the public, she said. Mrs Venson-Moitoi said the bill would be brought to Parliament in the coming winter meeting.

She said BTC was engaged in a right-sizing exercise whose objective is to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of the company so that it could compete with other players in the same market segment.

Mrs Venson-Moitoi said despite the completion of BTC tariff rebalancing in October last year, the cost of service provision remains a challenge to the ministry.

We expect that the completion of the East Africa undersea optical fibre project of which we are a shareholder, will have a positive effect on the price of telecommunications as well as availability of bandwidth to the country, she said.

She further said the second phase of the Rural Telecommunications programme, which is designed to deliver telephony services to the identified 197 villages, is yet to start. The project commencement date has now been rescheduled for the beginning of June 2008.