Telecoms News - In Brief


- Engineer Ahmad A. Nahuche who last week resigned from the direction of Nitel said to local newspaper the Daily Trust that "If they (Transcorp) continue like this, I don't think in the next six months NITEL will be anywhere in the telecommunications map of Nigeria. I suggest if they (government) want to sell it, they should sell it to telecommunications companies that have the financial muscle. This is better, but I am not convinced that Transcorp can do it."

- Moroccan mobile operator Meditel and wireless services provider Wana have agreed to share passive network infrastructure. The agreement includes sites, engineering works, access rights and towers. The deal is expected to lead to significant cost savings and better environmental protection. The first phase of the agreement involves more than 400 infrastructure sites.

- The King of Swaziland is currently considering whether or not to set up an independent regulatory body in his country. Observers of the process say it is impossible to know which way his decision will go.

- Econet Wireless Kenya has set the end of June as the tentative date for its delayed roll-out as Kenya's third mobile phone operator.

- CEO of Celtel Nigeria, Mr Bayo Ligali has called on the Federal Government to urgently license new Independent Power Plants, IPPs through a transparent bidding process like what the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC did with GSM licences in 2001, to combat the energy menace in the country. Celtel Nigeria which currently has 3100 base stations has 6,200 generating stations in its operations because of the inefficiency characterised by the failure of the public power system.

- Ghana Telecom has embarked on an expansion project to make available more lines for its customers in Kintampo and Nkoranza areas. Due to the expansion work. there shall be a change in the telephone numbers in the districts. The area code of 061 remains the same for both districts while the telephone numbers changes.

- Senegalese national incumbent, Sonatel will soon launch a 3G+ mobile service based on HSDPA (High Speed Dowlink Packet Access).

- The CDMA Development Group (CDG) announced that Africa and the Middle East are the fastest growing in terms of the number of 3G CDMA networks and subscribers, with 65 operators in 38 countries and more than 12 million subscribers in the region.