South African websites attract more and more visitors


With nearly one million broadband users in South Africa the Internet is fast becoming the medium of choice for information and news. While many people still think of the Internet as a place for email and Internet banking, a growing group of more sophisticated users are doing everything from shopping to share trading online.

This raises the question as to where local users spend their time in the vast landscape we have come to know as the World Wide Web. The latest information from the Website Association of South Africa sheds some light on which local websites are the most popular.

According to the latest statistics and market intelligence, international websites like Google, Facebook, Youtube and Wikipedia remain very popular among South African Internet users.

If we narrow the search to South African only websites news and email services rule the roost. News24 holds the top spot as the premier local website with over 1 Million unique local visitors. In second place is another news website IOL with MSN ZA in third place.

The rest of the top 10 is completed by Hotmail ZA, MWEB,, Webmail, Health 24, MyBroadband and Mail & Guardian Online.

For online news News24, Independent Online (IOL), Mail & Guardian Online, The Times and Fin24 are the preferred sources of information among local netizens.

When it comes to technology MyBroadband remains the premier online destination, followed by Engineeringnews, ITWeb, My Digital Life and IOL Technology.

In the eCommerce space BidorBuy is the most popular South African website, with Career Junction, Autotrader, Junkmail and Property 24 also proving popular amoung local Internet users.

eCommerce websites are becoming a popular way of doing business, and unsurprisingly these businesses are showing healthy revenue growth. The same goes for online advertising where more and more companies are realizing the advantage of marketing their products and services on the Net.

Local investors are also beginning to wake up to the potential of online publishing and eCommerce, with Mvela taking the lead in buying a stake in both ITWeb and Moneyweb through its subsidiaries.