Elegant and cool come together in the Huawei P8


The mobile phone has come a long way. From a communication tool to a lifestyle, fun and entertainment gadget. All this comes together in the Huawei P8, the latest from the phone maker’s Ascend series, but what is cool with the new offering?

For instance, the device offers the phone’s owner the chance to outshine everyone else in a picture by beautifying them more than everyone else. Yes, the phone can recognize the user and touch them up a notch better than others.

With Director Mode, videographers will see a reduction in jobs, but phone users will be able to spend less and capture more of life’s exciting moments at a whim. This function lets the phone sync with three other phone cameras placed at different angles in order to capture continuous video clip. A cool function to have, I would say.

If the glamorous launch of this phone in Johannesburg, Bangkok, Singapore, New York and London, last week, is anything to go by, then Huawei has outdone itself. As dancers choreographed the phone’s functions amid burst of colour, it was clear the audience was already sold on the phone. Applause after applause as speaker after speaker introduced the phone’s functions.

“At Huawei, we innovate to help people make their dreams come true. This explains our uniqueness, style, beauty and inspiration in the Huawei P8 and its outstanding features like; video director mode, perfect selfie shooting mode, revolutionary touch screen, light painting and so much more,” Allan Kyobe Kaggwa, the Huawei Uganda public relations officer said.

As phone makers such as Apple, Samsung and Microsoft release upgrade after upgrade, it is clear the users are the winners  - what with the constant innovation.

“The goal of the Huawei P8 is to become the most user-friendly smart phone for consumers globally. Huawei seamlessly combines the best elements of style and durability in this device, delivering a revolutionary and premium user experience. The device symbolises our continuous commitment to provide customers with access to premium quality products” said Charlene Munillal, GM of Huawei Consumer Business Group SA.

“Creativity knows no bounds with the introduction of the P8’s enhanced video and photography options that are built on Huawei’s revolutionary philosophy for camera design that leverages hardware, software and proprietary algorithms” said Munillal.
Source: New Vision 9 July 2015