KDN to Embark on a Countrywide Digital Villages Roll Out in Kenya


The Kenya Data Networks (KDN) is embarking on a major roll out of a KShs. 210 million initiative to expand the reach of ICT and its benefits to the rural people in Kenya.

“We want to embark on a countrywide set up of one digital cluster for each constituency by the end of 2008. Our aim is to ensure that while we help Kenyans harness the untapped potential in the rural areas, the Kenyans themselves also get an opportunity to be part and parcel of the quest to impart relevant ICT skills for the sake of development’’, said Mr. Kai Wulff, Managing Director, Kenya Data Networks

Through the project dubbed the Digital Village Constituency Cluster, the telecommunications infrastructure provider will set up a VSAT base station in each constituency.

KDN will use its butterfly product to broaden distribution of local content in what will be a watershed in the quest to bridge the rural-urban digital divide.

Each constituency cluster will consist of a minimum eight (8) digital units serving commercial, developmental and educational activities within a 15km radius in the rural areas.

They will access the Internet through a dedicated wireless infrastructure guaranteeing reliable single hop connectivity.

Mr. Wulff observed that KDN will kick-start the initiative from March 17th through a pilot project connecting 40 constituencies in collaboration with ICTvillage.com and other organizations such as the Youth Enterprise Development Fund amongst others.

“We are providing the infrastructure needed to ensure the success of connecting the people and our collaboration with the Youth Fund will ensure that the digital villages receive the much needed funding going forward”, noted Mr. Wulff.